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The Covenant Memorial of Jesus Christ

Download: Covmemorial.mp3 (8540810 bytes)

This is an old sermon; it was preached on September 11, 1994. A couple of friends have encouraged me to post it here. Perhaps it will help. Much of the content comes from reflection on James B. Jor... Read More

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year? A Defense of Christmas
This is a long essay critiquing the anti-Christmas arguments that surface this time of year. You can read it online Read More

A Parking Lot Parable: Is the Church Year Biblical?

Download: Parking_Lot_Parable.htm (33463 bytes)

This is an excerpt from my book The Lord's Service: The Grace of Covenant Renewal Worship (Moscow, ID: Canon Press, 2003), chapter 18, pp. 331-336.... Read More

Forever Means Forever: God's Promises to the Jews

Download: Forever.htm (46724 bytes)

If God promised a certain land to the seed of Abraham, saying that it would be theirs "forever" (Gen. 13:15), why do Reformed churches teach that the Jews permanently lost their right to the land? Wh... Read More

Why Was Jesus Conceived and Born of a Virgin?

Download: VirginBirthSermon.htm (50062 bytes)

Pastor Meyers preached this sermon back in 1994. If you have ever wondered why Jesus was born of a virgin, this sermon will provide you the answer.... Read More

The Works of the Flesh and the Fruit of the Spirit

Download: fleshandspirit.htm (36270 bytes)

Pastor Meyer's sermon preached on December 1, 2002. The text is Galatians 5:13-6:2. The sermon is a fictional story about three men in the church of Lystra and their response to Paul's letter.... Read More

In Whom Do You Trust: An Explanation of and Apology for the Use of Creeds

Download: creedbooklet.htm (179249 bytes)

This small booklet explains why the church uses creeds and confessions. -JM... Read More

Why I Wear A Minister's Uniform (An Apology for Wearing a Collar)

Download: Whyuniform.pdf (463020 bytes)

Here is a short paper defending my habit of wearing a minsterial collar around town during the week. -JM... Read More

How Far Can We Go? What About Operation Rescue?

Download: Operationrescue1994.pdf (484911 bytes)

Although Operation Rescue does not get the press it once did, nevertheless questions about proper "tactics" in waging the war against abortion are still with us. I wrote this paper over a decade ago,... Read More

Trinitarian Worship & Confession: Lex Ordandi, Lex Credendi

Download: trinityandworship.htm (95532 bytes)

This is a transcript of a lecture I gave at the Connecticut Valley Conference on Reformed Theology (CVCRT) in March, 1997. It was subsequently published as "Trinitarian Worship and Confession" in ... Read More

Christian Marriage #1: Marrige & The Image of God

Download: christianmarriage1.htm (50045 bytes)

I have put up the first six sermons of my series on Christian Marriage. I may be around to writing the others up, but then again I may not. These first six should be helpful. -JM... Read More

Christian Marriage #2: Appearances Can Be Deceiving: Marriage as Mystery

Download: christianmarriage2.htm (43014 bytes)

... Read More

Christian Marriage #3: It is not Good For Man to be Alone

Download: christianmarriage3.htm (83147 bytes)

... Read More

Christian Marriage #4: A Helper Suitable for Him

Download: christianmarriage4.htm (47217 bytes)

... Read More

Christian Marriage #5: The Marriage Covenant, Part 1

Download: christianmarriage5.htm (73812 bytes)

... Read More

Christian Marriage #6: The Marriage Covenant, Part 2

Download: christianmarriage6.htm (46246 bytes)

... Read More

The Abortion Holocaust: Two Sermons Preached on October 2, 1994 & January 19, 1997

Download: abortionholocaust.htm (95854 bytes)

I am making these sermons available to the congregation of Providence Reformed Presbyterian Church for their edification and instruction. I feel constrained to say that this is not a polished article ... Read More

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