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Music and Choir
The Trinity Hymnal
The entire Trinity hymnal can be accessed online here. This is a great site. You can search for a hymn even if you don't remember the number or the first line. So, for example, if all you remember is some phrase from the hymn like "prone to wander," type it in, and it will take you to the hymn "Come, thou fount of every blessing." If you click on the title you will bring up another page with the lyrics and the music. The music will play in the background for you. But, if you want, gather the whole family around the computer, crank the volume up and sing! You can even download the music as a midi file.

The Anglo-Genevan Psalter
We use the Anglo-Genevan Psalter regularly. Bill Hoover, our music director, has written an introduction to the Psalter for members and visitors. If you care to use the Anglo-Genevan Psalter in family or personal worship at home, you can view the entire Psalter online here.

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