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This schedule of Bible readings has been designed for the family or individual who would like to read through the Bible in one year. The daily readings have been chosen as representative of the “core” of Scripture. By reading these portions you will not get through the entire Bible, but you will hit all of the “high points” of Bible history and doctrine. The supplementary readings are for more ambitious readers. If you read both portions each day, the entire Bible will be read in one year.

The Psalms are scattered throughout the daily readings, approximately one every three days.

The daily readings may be read out loud as a family. Some of the two-chapter portions may seem lengthy at first, but the longest should take no more than 15 or 20 minutes (not even the length of an average TV program!).

You may miss a day or two, but be persistent. Don’t worry about catching up if you get behind. Pick up at the scheduled point and keep going. The rewards of this kind of disciplined Bible reading are great! Remember our Shorter Catechism (Q. 90) tells us to attend unto God’s Word with “diligence, preparation, and prayer.”

The comments above were written by my good friend and mentor, the late Rev. David Winecoff, some years ago when this reading schedule was first published for Providence Reformed Presbyterian Church. He was a champion of disciplined, regular Bible reading, and his example has certainly inspired me through the years. I pray that the LORD will bless your time in his precious Word this year!

The pdf file is designed to be printed out and then folded into a 1/2 page booklet. You can download it here.

Pastor Jeffrey J. Meyers

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